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During the summer of 2014, a rogue drone was spotted flying around our neighborhood at night (inappropriately). We tried to chase it, knock it down, spray it with a hose, but we had no luck. Then Robert had an idea, "What if we launch a squadron of tiny little drones to attack it and bring it down?" We ordered a bunch of CX-10 drones and learned to fly, but never got the chance to launch our attack. 

Over the winter we listed the tiny drones for sale on our e-commerce site, and we sold over 10,000 units during the holiday season! We knew then that we'd found an awesome online community that shared our interests. After the holidays we sent a poll to our customers asking what they liked and didn't like, in an effort to make an even better nano drone. We used that feedback to design our first few drones and Aerix Drones came to be.


Who we are - The "Us" in About Us

Aerix Drones is a division of Morrison Innovations, LLC - established in 2007 in Rochester, NY. We dedicate ourselves to developing creative solutions and unique products. Our customers are always top of mind; we enjoy hearing from our customers and knowing that they use our products daily!


“Ensuring the satisfaction of our customers is the foundation for our growth into the future, we are building relationships and earning new clients through hard work, quality products and excellent customer service.” – Robert Morrison, CEO of Morrison Innovations



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