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NEWS: Trump wants to be able track and destroy drones flying over the U.S.

Yesterday the Trump Administration circulated a draft of a new proposal that would allow the federal government to track, commandeer, disable, hack or destroy drones flying in the United States.

The bill has circulated among Congressional staff, according to sources. There have been two meetings, one between administration officials and Congressional staff and another that’s a classified briefing with administration officials, a Senate aide told Recode.

Trump’s drone bill comes days after a federal court ruled that the Federal Aviation Administration lacks the authority to require non-commercial drone operators to register their aircraft. That means that hobby drone operators no longer have to log their drone in the FAA’s database.

But aircraft registration would likely be necessary for law enforcement to identify who is illegally or recklessly flying a drone in order to decide when to exercise the proposed power to disable, track or destroy someone’s personal unmanned aircraft.

Law enforcement have voiced concern over the difficulty in keeping track of drones in recent months, leading the FAA to create a new agency taskforce to determine how the federal government and police could remotely identify drones.



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