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VIDIUS: Top 10 New Owner Questions

Congratulations on receiving your new VIDIUS Drone!

Here are a few common questions and answers that you may find helpful with getting started.

Q. "How do I know if my Drone is Charging?"

A. It has come to our attention that the user manual was misprinted regarding the charging instructions, the charger cord light will be OFF while charging and ON when fully charged, sorry for the confusion.

Also, be sure the plug is inserted correctly into the drone (as shown on page 4 of your manual and that the drone is powered off (switch to the right side) while charging.

As with all lithium batteries, it is important to not leave the charging cable connected for more than 30-45 minutes, once charging is complete please remove the cable from the device.

Q. "Which way is on and which way is off for the drone switch?"

A. With the drone blades facing up, RIGHT is OFF and LEFT is ON.


Q. "Which way does the plug go into the drone?"

A. If you turn the drone upside down, the arrow and notch on the cable face up and align with the notch on the charger port of the drone. (NOTE: It is possible to force the cable in the wrong way, please be sure not to do that as damage may occur to both the charger and the drone.)


Q. "My drone keeps flipping over right away and will not hover, can you help?"

A. It sounds like one or more of your blades are in the wrong location. There are two different blade types, A and B, these correspond with the clockwise and counter-clockwise motors of the drone, please see the diagram below for the proper blade placement (this is also on page 3 of your user manual).


Q. "How do I get the blades off to change them?"

A. Grasp the blade firmly at the center where it sits on the driveshaft and pull straight up and off. For stubborn blades we recommend using a small pair of needle-nose pliers (available in our tool kit).


Q. "Is there a Micro-SD Port, I see a slot in the side?"

A. No, there is not a micro-sd card slot on the VIDIUS, the open slot was designed in the event we wanted to add on later but since all videos and images are saved to your smartphone or tablet it wasn't needed.


Q. "How do I switch to the analog controller and still view the live feed?"

A. If you want to fly with the analog controller instead of the app controls you will connect the drone to wifi and open the app like normal. Inside the app there is a button along the top of the control screen that says "ON" if you press that button it will toggle the controls to "OFF" and the drones lights will begin blinking. You may now turn the analog controller on and bind to the drone by moving the LEFT stick DOWN - UP - DOWN. You are now ready to fly with the analog stick and view with your device.


Q. "My camera is mounted upside down, can I have a replacement?"

A. Don't panic, your camera is mounted correctly, in the app control screen along the top please press the "REV" button to flip the screen over :)


Q. "Where can I get more blades for the VIDIUS Drone?"

A. Spare blades for the VIDIUS Drone are HERE.


Q. "Is there a crash kit or blade guards for the VIDIUS?"

A. Yes, Blade Guards are HERE and Crash Kits are HERE.



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