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AERIUS Drone is in Stock and Shipping!

AERIUS Drone at

We are so excited that the AERIUS Drone is in stock and shipping!

The NEW World’s Smallest Quadcopter measures in at just 3 centimeters long, 3 centimeters wide and 2 centimeters tall! That’s only slightly larger than a quarter. The AERIUS is 25% smaller than our previous record-holding models, the TURBO-X and Wallet Drone. You won’t find another drone with as much fun packed into such a small size.

The AERIUS comes with an ultra-compact 2.4 gHz controller that offers storage for your AERIUS. This quadcopter is so small it conveniently fits inside the controller. It’s easy to take this tiny drone with you and fly it wherever you go.

The 3.7v 80 mAh battery will get you five to seven minutes of drone-flying fun. This drone only needs a quick fifteen to twenty minute charge before it is up and flying again. The AERIUS has 2-speeds for adjustable flight control sensitivity, with 360 degree rotational yaw and 6-axis gyro-stabilization that keeps the drone steady for smooth flight.

This drone’s headless mode allows for easy flight orientation. With this mode activated, pilots can lock the orientation of the drone to keep it moving in the same direction regardless of which way the nose is pointing. For beginners learning to fly this tiny quadcopter, this is a helpful feature that will allow them to learn to navigate the drone’s height and direction before also taking on rotation.


The AERIUS has a set of pre-programmed aerial tricks that allows the pilot to easily flip and roll the drone.  Perform flips and rolls mid-flight with just the push of a button!  And because this quadcopter is so small and light, it is durable enough to withstand unexpected crashes.

The small size and affordability of this drone make it an ideal choice for a beginner who wants to learn and practice flight mechanics without investing in a larger and more expensive quadcopter. Or, if you’re just looking for a fun way to terrorize your cat, this drone fits the bill perfectly.

Get the AERIUS Drone in the color of your choice – it comes in four different colors and controller accents to fit your style. The bright LED colored lights provides increased visibility for daytime or nighttime flight.

We have designed the smallest, most compact quadcopter and controller. This tiny drone is a fun and affordable way to practice full flight mechanics.

Order the new AERIUS from Axis Drones for just $35.

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