The Axis Wallet Drone is Now Shipping!

October 21, 2015

The Axis Wallet Drone

If you've patiently awaited our Axis Wallet Drone, the time has come! The Wallet Drone is now shipping at!

Wallet Drones

The Axis Wallet Drone is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, measuring just 4cm x 4cm x 1.75cm. Don’t let the size fool you, this drone is just as fun to fly as its larger counterparts.

This drone offers a great way to practice full flight mechanics everywhere you go. The Axis Wallet Drone has three speed settings and six-axis gyro stabilization to keep the drone stable during flight. The 360 degree rotational yaw makes adjusting the positioning easy.

The Wallet drone fits inside its wallet-sized controller which doubles as a docking station. Measuring 10.75cm x 8.5cm x 2.8cm, the 24GHz controller is the great for storage and makes a perfect travelling case for this super portable drone. Making it even more portable are the removable joysticks. Take the joysticks off and store them right inside the drone’s controller compartment for easy travel. Just put it in your pocket and go!

The Axis Wallet Drone has a unique design that allows the drone to charge while docked inside its own controller. This tiny quadcopter has a 3.7v lithium ion rechargeable battery that charges off of the controller’s four AA batteries. Dock the Wallet Drone in the controller and charge it when you’re on the move. It also comes with a USB cable that you can plug into any computer for a charge. A quick 20 minute charge via the controller or USB cable will give you five to seven minutes of flight time fun.

Get ready to impress your friends, this drone does crazy tricks. A pre-programmed “Trick-Mode” algorithm allows you to do amazing flips and rolls. Simply push the joystick and watch as your drone spins and back-flips. It’s fun to fly and fun to watch!

Take your pick of colors; the Axis Wallet Drone is available in four color choices and controller accents. Get yours in green, yellow, orange or blue. The bright LED colored lights provides increased visibility in night flight.

The Axis Wallet Drone is super compact and offers a unique and fun way to practice your drone flying skills. Order your Axis Wallet Drone now and be part of the first shipment!

Get your Axis Wallet Drone here!


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