Wallet Drone Campaign Has Ended, Thank You!

June 20, 2015

Thank you again so much!
We have been working hard around the clock to get the post-campaign details finalized and ready, within the next few days we will begin sending out your Backer Kit Emails.
What is Backer Kit?
Backer Kit is a third party backend solution that many campaigns use to help keep the thousands of contributions, names, addresses, payments etc organized and streamlined to make fulfilling perks more efficient.
In your Backer Kit link you will be able to update or confirm your address, add shipping charges etc.
Special Surprise...
We think you will be quite pleased with some of the exclusive add-ons you will have access to in your Backer Kits, just a special way to show our appreciation for your support and confidence in our campaign and small business.
When Will They Ship??
So right when we launched our campaign, Indiegogo changed its terms and conditions regarding payment timelines. With our past six campaigns we always began receiving funds once we met our goal, which means we had planned on having funds deposited into our account within the first week of the campaign...the new policy is to now wait 15 days AFTER the campaign ends...Ugh.
So we received our money this week and we are now 15-20 days behind on our original timeline, not too bad compared to most campaigns but annoying nonetheless, so we are anticipating shipping to begin late July to early August at this point.
Thank you again for all of your support, we look forward to you completing your Backer Kits and to our continued hard work to manufacture, test and ship your perks as soon as possible!
The Axis Drones Team

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