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The Wallet Drone vs CX-10 Style Quadcopters


-The Wallet Drone is the ONLY quadcopter that docks and charges inside of a controller

-The Wallet Drone’s portable and compact design provides secure transport and storage

-The Wallet Drone is the ONLY quadcopter this size that you don’t have to plug into a computer or wall outlet to charge

-The Wallet Drone features smaller and lighter PCB with improved gyroscope and flight stabilization- the PCB is completely enclosed and the quadcopter is 1mm shorter

-The Wallet Drone features an added antenna for extended control range

-The Wallet Drone features LED lights that are on the underside of the wings/arms not at the ends

-The Wallet Drone has battery housing on the bottom that is rectangular vs. square which allows for better performance and handling

-The Wallet Drone features a completely re-designed charger port

We hope that this answers all of your questions- if not, feel free to reach out to us! Thanks so much again for your support.

Talk soon,

The Wallet Drone Team

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