The referral program is here

March 07, 2015

The referral program is here - and it just takes a few steps to start sharing your way to a free drone.


Step 1 - Login to your Indiegogo account

Step 2 - Share - Pick your favorite way to spread the Nano love...


Step 3 - Create Your Unique Link - Clicking the Link button (see Step 2 above) copies a unique URL that you can paste practically anywhere (pinterest, tumblr, facebook, twitter, emails to mom, etc.). Your number will be different and linked to your Indiegogo account.


Step 4 - Track Contributions - Click your name (at the top of the page) to access the My Contributions tab.


Step 5 - View Referrals - select the Referrals tab to see your progress


Step 6 - Success! The Funds Contributed column is where you find the magic number - for every $1000 you help contribute through referrals, you can claim a sweet little Nano Drone.


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