Axis Drones is now Aerix Drones

April 21, 2016

Moving Forward

Axis Drones is now Aerix Drones

From our humble beginnings launched out of a garage, Axis Drones set out to change the landscape of recreational drone flight, striving to bring the exciting experience to even the most unexperienced of aspiring pilots.  


Our first Indiegogo Campaign introduced the Nano Drone for Beginners, and the results were impressive - we knew we were onto something big!  The momentum only continued, bringing us from the garage to an 800-square-foot office space in the small span of a year.


In that past year, we have embarked on quite the journey with our customers as a small, family-owned business.  We continue to be astounded with the skill and knowledge of our pilots, and we are tirelessly working to bring you the next challenge in your drone experience. 


In our efforts to meet the demand for new products, as well as meet fulfillment requirements for current models, we know we have made some mistakes along the way.


We are beyond thrilled to be able to put the backlog behind us, clear out the floor-to-ceiling boxes of inventory, and announce that we have moved into a larger facility to better service your needs.  


We now have a fully capable warehouse to ensure a streamlined inventory, flight testing, and fulfillment system, along with the office space to create 10-12 new local jobs to bring it all to life!  


What this means for our customers...


In addition to the name change, we will be updating our warranty, shipping, returns and general business policies to ensure higher customer satisfaction.


There will soon be a dedicated customer service department, working diligently to create tutorials, videos, troubleshooting guides, FAQs and chat dialogs to quickly address the most common questions and issues new pilots may experience.


Shipments will be timely, accurate and fully trackable from the moment you place your order, until it lands on your doorstep or in your mailbox.


We also intend to push the boundaries of what our drones can do, providing our customers with new and improved features, technology and sizes, so you can continue your drone piloting journey alongside us as we grow our brand.


We will be focused on combining our incredible line of drones with a best-in-class level of customer service. Our goal is for you to rave not only about our drones. but also about our people, services and community efforts.


Stay tuned over the coming days and weeks, as we will be announcing a few new products very, very soon - and thank you for your continued support in this exciting time, as we move forward as Aerix Drones!



Robert Morrison and the Aerix Drones Flight Team

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