What you have to know before choosing a quadcopter drone

What you have to know before choosing a quadcopter drone

December 21, 2016

It is a fact that many people want to own a quadcopter drone, but more than half of those looking for it do not know much about drones. If you are one of those people looking for a drone, here are certain things you are supposed to know before you choose one.


Not all drones are easy to fly

If you are looking for a perfect quadcopter drone, you should be aware that many drones are not easy to operate. Know that quadcopter drones fly, and anything that flies will not be easy to control when it is up. A typical quadcopter will not fly, but what can make it fly is the computer inside of it, and this is known as the flight controller. Quadcopters fly differently, and the manner the flight controller was setup determines the way it flies. You should keep it at the back of your mind that not all flight controllers are setup the same way. Some are set up for agility flying, while some others might be suitable for stable flight. Because of this, you have to consider how the flight controller was setup.


Not all drones are ready to fly

Secondly, you should know that not all drones you see are ready to fly. You should also keep this in the back of your mind when you are making your choice. You must be aware of such acronyms like ARF, BNF, as well as RTF. These mean a lot of things, and you have to familiarize yourself with these to know what you are looking for.


For instance, if the drone is RTF, then it means that the quadcopter is ready to fly. This also means that you do not need to assemble anything before it can fly, but it would require simple things like charging the battery, binding the controller, as well as installing the propeller and so on. When the quadcopter is BNF meaning bind and fly, it means that the parts are assembled, but it does not have a controller. You can use the controller already in your possession, but it must be compatible. Otherwise, you have to look for a compatible one. Moreover, you should know that though receiver and transmitter are the same does not mean that they would work together. If it is ARF, which is almost ready to fly quadcopters, know that they do not have a receiver or a transmitter, and it would equally require a partial assembly before you could use it. Such other components like ESCs, motors, battery and flight controller may not be included. This means that you must be wary when you see ARF, read the description very well, to know what is available and what is not available. You should know the readiness of the quadcopter to fly before you make your choice.


It may require an upfront investment

The cost varies, you can get a product that flies around the home for just fifty dollars, and you can get something better and more expensive. If you want something that lasts longer than you should look for a good controller. If you get one, it could last for a longer period. Investment in controllers is recommended because they are not easily outdated. You can easily upgrade it when you want, and you do that by just removing the transmitter and replacing it with the latest model. Moreover, you are to look for a good charger. If you invest in a good charger, it can serve you for many years. Do not buy those cheap chargers that come with RFT because they are not reliable. If you buy a bigger quadcopter, you do not need to start replacing or upgrading the accessories that is why is it recommended that you make a onetime investment to avoid repeated investment.


There are different places you can buy from

There are various places that you can buy your quadcopter, and many of these outlets would ship to you after you have purchased. There are various online stores located in this country and other major countries you can order from. Some of these online stores can even sell parts to you. You have to compare the prices and make your choice.


Belong to the drone community

Most importantly, you should belong to the drone online community. This will help you become updated on what is happening within that community. You can learn new things, and this would help you to manage your drone when you get one.