Nano drones and the world’s smallest quadcopter

Nano drones and the world’s smallest quadcopter

November 22, 2016

If you are drone lover, you must know that there are various kinds of quadcopter drones on the market today. The smallest among them is the Nano drones. They are the world's smallest quadcopters. They are so small that they can be held in the palm of your hand. Even if you want to buy these small drones, there are different options available for you there. The nano drone is no doubt the smallest remote controlled drone quadcopter in the world today. This drone is so short and small that it can measure just two inches and three to four feet tall. Despite the small size of the drones, you observe that it functions fully as can be seen from its six-axis gyro enabled flight operations. When it is in the air, it can fly for about five to eight minutes, and this can take it to a distance of about one hundred and fifty feet just on one charge.


Regarding flight operations, the nano drones can perform three hundred and sixty-degree flips, and it can fly in different directions. It can fly in any direction that you want it to. This drone is always a great gift, and it is good for those who are still learning how to fly. You can easily experiment with it before you begin to use the most expensive drones on the market. This is because there are several of these drones on the market today.


Axis Aerius Nano Drone

This brand is regarded as the smallest among them all. Despite the small size, it can still do a lot of things for you, as you can see from its unique features. It features 2.4 GHz controllers, and it's designed in such a way that it can fly for about five to seven minutes. Even though it is small, it is still very stable, and that is because it is fitted with six-axis gyro stabilization. When it is programmed to fly, it does not exceed two speeds.


Here are other interesting features you can discover in this quadcopter. The copter is always pre-programmed, and this is known as the trick mode.

It is equally fitted with Algorithm, and that is why it can rolland flip comfortably. Most importantly, this quadcopter has bright LED colored lights, and that is why it can see very well even in the night. So this drone is good for night flight.