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How to learn to fly a quadcopter: Quadcopter drones for beginners

If you want to learn how to fly a quadcopter, this step-by-step guide will assist you to get started. If you were a beginner, this information would help you a lot. You are not alone in this because every person who tries to fly quadcopter for the first time has to pass through this learning curve. The information here is to help you irrespective of the type and model of the quadcopter that you want to use.


Before you learn how to fly a quadcopter, you have to start from familiarizing yourself with its most important parts, as you must use these parts in the course of the operation. Perhaps the most important part of the system that you must know is the transmitter and remote control. These parts are imperative because they are handheld and this is where you can maneuver the quadcopter. You have to learn how to adjust the settings.


Propellers are the other important part of the quadcopter that you must learn how to use. The propellers are meant to spin, but it has to be manually controlled. You have to learn how to intensify the spinning speed, and this enhances the quadcopter speed and movement.


Learning the camera is critical, but that depends on why you want to fly the quadcopter. You can use it to take images as you fly. It is an essential quadcopter accessory; you have to learn how to use it.


The most important aspect of the learning curve you have to concentrate most is on the controls. You have to control many things as you fly such as the throttle, yaw, pitch, as well as roll. You have to learn how to switch between control, and you have to manage them comfortably.


You have to learn how to roll the copter, and the rolling can be from the left to the right direction or from the right direction to the left. Roll maneuvers the system from any direction of your choice.


Another thing you have to learn about is the pitch. The pitch usually pushed from the right forwards and backward and so on. You have to find out how to tilt the quadcopter right or to the left direction. You have to learn how the copter can be turned to different orientations, especially when you are flying the quadcopter.


Yaw is another thing you must familiarize yourself with if you want to fly the quadcopter. The Yaw allows you to rotate your helicopter to any direction whether it is left or right direction. You can point the quadcopter to any direction of your choice, and you can comfortably change the course while you fly.


The throttle is another part of the copter that you must learn how to use before you can fly the quadcopter. The throttle enables you to push it left or forward and in different directions, and you can increase it as well. In the same way, you can decrease, and you do that by pulling the left stick backward. The throttling method helps you to adjust the height and the altitude of the quadcopter. These are the most important part of the quadcopter that you must learn how to control before you can begin to fly the copter.


Quadcopter control is the most important aspect to pay attention when you are learning how to fly. You should know how all the features explained above act individually and collectively to have a complete flying knowledge. When you find out how to push these various controls, you will become an expert within a short time.


When you start to fly for the first time, just push those sticks gently, this would make the copter to carry out a slight movement. You have to do that gradually until you are sure that you can make a better control. The four primary quadcopter controls you must pay most attention include the roll, pitch, yaw, as well as the throttle.


The roll only moves the copter to the right or the left depending on the direction you make the movement. Pushing the roll stick of the quadcopter transmitter to the right or the left direction usually carries this out. This movement is called the roll because the quadcopter would roll.


The quadcopter is said to make pitch movement when there is a push of the right stick of that transmitter. It can be moved forwards or backward. When this is done, the copter would be tilted to move forwards or back. This movement is different from the rolling action.


Yaw movement can be confusing to many learners the first time. This action is meant to rotate the propeller clockwise and counterclockwise. You yaw the copter when the left stick is pushed to the right or the left direction. However, you should know that you have to use the yaw and the throttle at the same time, especially when you are flying or when you want to travel. By using this technique, the quadcopter could easily make patterns as well as circles.


The throttle is another movement stick. When you want the quadcopter to be airborne, you have to apply the throttle. When you are in the air, the throttle must always be engaged. To use the throttle, push the quadcopter left stick forward. If you want to disengage the throttle, then push the left stick backward. Do not disconnect the throttle completely until you are very close to the ground. This is imperative if you do not want to crash with the quadcopter, which can destroy the flying machine.


Another important aspect of the quadcopter flying for beginners you pay attention to is how to change direction as you fly in the air. You can always manage the direction the copter would take through the four sticks explained above.


This brings us to the issue of remote control and transmitter. The transmitter is handheld, and this helps you to control the flight pattern of that quadcopter. Anytime you carry out an adjustment with the flying sticks; it would send an instant message to the quadcopter intimating it on the next line of action.


There are different kinds of quadcopter transmitters. These are available in various sizes and different shapes. The features could be different as well; however, certain features are similar in all transmitters.


Choosing the right place to learn how to fly a quadcopter is equally important. When you are learning how to fly, it is not recommended that you avoid enclosed areas because anything could go wrong. At this time, you are not efficient at controlling the copter; therefore, you should avoid enclosed spaces as much as possible. If you are experienced in controlling the copter, then you can even fly in tight spaces. As a beginner and a learner, it is important that you choose a place where there could be little or no impact when there is a mistake.


Because of this, it is recommended that learners begin the process from open spaces. You can start flying in a big field or a park. You can choose a grassy ground. Many learners prefer this to minimize damage when there is a crash. Moreover, as you learn how to fly, you have to stay away from where people and animals are concentrated. This is to minimize risks in the event of a crash.


When you have chosen the right place to learn how to fly, as well as master the control techniques, it is time to start flying. However, you must learn some important safety measures because they are equally important for beginners like you. To take your quadcopter to the air, you should learn how to control the throttle. Something was said about it earlier.


To get the copter airborne, you have to push the throttle that is the left stick up slowly. This action would make the propeller to move slowly. Then stop after that and try it again. You have to repeat this process several times until you can master it. Push the throttle more than you have done before until the machine can lift from the ground. To allow the copter to land, take the throttle back to zero. Repeat this process many times. You have to observe whether this copter could rotate right or left, move left or right, as well as backward and forwards.

These would ensure that all the control mechanisms are perfect.

If you observe that there is a movement going on when you do not initiate one, then use your trim button to balance it. You have to continue to adjust that trim until the copter is stable to make a fly. It is stable when you can use only the throttle to make the movement. If you can do that, then you can make the copter airborne.


Then you have to get to the next stage of the learning process, and that is the ability to land and hover in the air. To fly the copter in the mid air, you have to make a small adjustment, in particular on the right stick and this would make the quadcopter to hover on the air. To keep the copter from turning, you have to use the left stick that is the yaw. When you want to land, you have to use the throttle. You have to cut back on the throttle slowly. You can cut off the throttle completely when the copter is a few inches near the ground.


Moreover, you have to learn how to fly the copter right and left as well as backward and forwards. To do all these, the throttle would play an important role. You have to hold it in a steady position to keep it on the air. To maneuver the copter in any direction you want it to go, you have to use the right stick. But, before you maneuver with the copter, you must bring it to hover. You can always use the right stick to pushing it forward and bring it back to the original position if you want to take it to the previous positions. If you want it to move to the right position, then you have to move the right stick to the left position, and the copter would move left if you want to change the direction, you could always adjust the right stick. You have to be perfect in taking the copter off the ground and fly it in four different directions, and then you are learning the basic flying skill. The next thing that you have to do is to learn how to fly it in patterns.


For you to fly in patterns, you have to combine these skills. If you want to fly the copter in a square pattern, you have to use your four sticks and combine them effectively. To fly the copter in a square pattern, push the pitch button, and fly a little bit forward and then bring the stick back to the middle. This would make you hover in the air. Push the roll button, and this makes the copter fly to the right and then bring it back and allow it to hover for some seconds. You have to keep doing this until you are comfortable and become the master of the air.


Now that you have learned how to fly your quadcopter, there are some important safety checklists you would always do to ensure that you are out of danger while moving the copter.


If you think that any part of the copter is not working well, you should not waste any time in fixing those components. It keeps the copter safe.

Since the copter would be using the transmitter battery, ensure that the battery is fully charged and that it is always charged. Moreover, the quadcopter battery should be charged as well. Talking of the battery, ensure that it is inserted correctly.


Ensure that each propeller used by the quadcopter is secured. Most importantly, check all the parts and ensure that no part is loose. Check all the screws and ensure that there is no missing one. Most importantly, ensure that the transmitter is always turned on. These are some of the fundamental safety issues you must familiarize yourself with before you fly a quadcopte

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