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How to fly a quadcopter

This is a step-by-step guide on how to fly a quadcopter. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with quadcopter components, especially those that are essential to flight, before you consider flying it. The best way to do this is to read all available instructions and information. There are different sources where you can get useful information that will help you to familiarize yourself with it.


Secondly, you have to familiarize yourself with the use of batteries and RC transmitter. You need to know how the transmitter works and how to derive maximum benefits from it. You should learn how to insert the batteries.


Most importantly, learn about the various control sticks. Knowing that determines how fast you can fly the quadcopter. It has a left stick, which is called the throttle. The throttle controls moving the copter up and down. Another important control stick is the yaw. This helps in rotating the quadcopter left and right. Another one is the pitch. It is another control stick, and it moves the quadcopter backward and forwards. The last one is the roll; this helps in moving the quadcopter side to side. These are the major control sticks.

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Now that you have familiarized yourself with the parts and control sticks, it is important that you carry out preflight setup and other necessary adjustments to get the copter ready to fly. It is recommended that you use the manufacturer's instructions that are located in the manual. Specifically, you would need to charge your battery, and you have to do that using the correct charger. Then you have to get the copter ready for the first fly.


When you want to learn how to fly, it is not recommended that you do that indoors though that depends on the type of quadcopter. You can try some copters indoors such as the Aerix Nano Drone for Beginners. These can fly from a large table, carpet, as well as flat ground and so on. However, if you want to fly indoors, it is necessary that you choose a large and uncluttered area where there would not be any form of obstructions. Most importantly, you must ensure that the place you want to learn is cleared of people as well as animals and those delicate items that can cause serious harm.


When you want to start, it is recommended that you set the quadcopter in the middle of the space you want to fly the copter. The RC transmitter throttle is to play an important role when you want to fly. Because of this, ensure that it is down and turned on as well.


When you are ready to fly, then you have to lower the throttle and switch the transmitter on, follow this up by connecting the battery. In the same way, when you have finished flying, you have to disconnect the battery first before you turn the transmitter off.


For your first fly, it is recommended that you take it gradually and that is why you should just take the quadcopter up a few inches and then bring it down. You can always do this with the four sticks explained earlier. You should start by gradually advancing the throttle until it starts, and then stop it.


You have to perform this task several times, and the aim would be to feel the throttle before you begin to fly with it. You have to push the throttle harder until it reaches the level it would take the quadcopter off the ground. Depending on which direction that you want to move to, you have to be using the four control sticks provided.


When you have learned how to use the four sticks, then you can try to take off from the ground. Remember that it has to be gradual. At first, you can start with gradual movement at a time. Perhaps you can start with just a one-foot flight above the ground. As said earlier, you can do any of these with the four sticks provided. You can continue the learning process until you can maneuver the copter. You can learn how to move the quadcopter forward and backward, left and right positions, as well as rotate in different directions. You should know that these things are not easy to learn, but with practice, you are going to become perfect.



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