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Aerial Video Tips for Drones


Aerial video tips

Quadcopter drones can be subjected to different kinds of uses. Perhaps the most popular use is in aerial photography. Lightweight, small, and remotely controlled quadcopter video drones are usually utilized for this type of operation. This video drone is fitted with state of the art technology, and that is why you can use them to take high-quality photos and videos. If you want to have the best real estate videos, sport action images, as well as construction images and fun films, they can be obtained through this aerial videos. 

The trend is still growing, and it is expected there will be more future development. In the US alone, many people are taking to this, because they have seen the significant benefits regarding high-quality images that can get out of it. The highest demand for aerial videos is in the areas of construction, real estate, as well as the management of natural resources and so on. More areas are expected to benefit from this such as the areas of insurance and urban planning. To ensure that you get the best out of your efforts and to get your quadcopter drone deliver the highest quality aerial videos and photos for you, some useful factors can always guide you while going about it.

Issue of weather

When you want to use quadcopter drone for your aerial images, the first factor to consider is the effect of weather. Weather clarity can affect the quality of pictures that come out of it. It is recommended that the best weather to apply this technology in aerial videos, it is better to do that in the daytime and that is when the wind is below ten mph. If you want to do that in the morning, always do that when the weather is in its optimal condition. You are sure of getting the highest quality images. Ensure that you take such pictures when the weather is right so that the pictures would not be shaky or blurred. This is important because even the drone could be submerged by the gust of wind, and this can affect the quality of images that eventually come out of it.

What is the best drone to use?

Another thing that can affect the image quality is the type of drone to be used for this kind of aerial photography. Because of that, you have to consider the type of quadcopter drone you want to use for this sort of operation. If you want to use the nano quadcopters, you have to consider the utilization of those of them that can be stabilized. Because of this, you have to find the feature of the drones you want to use and look for those with gimbal support. Gimbal support is necessary because it provides the necessary support and controls the camera on the pitch axes and the roll. This is to ensure that the drone is stabilized once in the air. When you go for the cheapest drone copters on the market, it may be possible that the issue of stabilization will be there. It is advised that you read the manual very well before choosing the right drone to be used for this kind of operation.

The camera type

The kind of camera to use for this sort of photograph is another factor that affects the video quality. Because of that, you have to read between the lines and select only those drones that have the biggest camera because they are going to deliver the best regarding quality. You should know that the cameras would equally use the same battery with the drone, so you must bear this in mind when you are looking for the best battery for your drone. It is better that you go for some products like the Go-Pro, which can last in the air for twenty to twenty-five minutes. You are going to achieve a better result than when you use the one that can last for seven to ten minutes with DSLR. However, the choice of a camera depends on what you want to do with the camera. If you are looking for high-quality photo and videos, then you should opt for the best. Even if you do not have the money for Go-Pro, there are some of other superior cameras that you can use and derive the same high-quality result.

Think of a monitor system

Most importantly, you should have a system in place that controls what the drone is filming for you. A good wireless control can do the job for you here. This is why you have a concept like the FPV, which means the first person view. By seeing what is transmitted to you, you can quickly make an adjustment in other to enhance the quality. Consider this option; it is going to help you to improve the quality of images that come out of aerial videos.

Safety issue

The safety issue is equally important. The fact that you want to get the best image quality would not make you compromise the matter of safety and security. Remember that you are not allowed to use the quadcopter drones five miles within an airport. In the same way, you are not authorized to fly above crowded places. Most importantly, you are not allowed to travel over four hundred feet, and you must always stay within the line of sight and so on. You must put all these things on the back of your mind while going about your aerial videos and photography. You should always keep yourself abreast with the latest legislations, and these keep coming out.

When you have known all the laws and rules that govern the use of drones for this kind of operation, it is important that you take additional steps to improve your skill because it would still influence the quality of images that come out of it.

You must have mastered your drones, especially how to use your drone. This makes it easier for you to manipulate this flying device. Flying the drone is one thing and learning how to take a fantastic shot is another. This is why it is important that you master how the drones work to take the best shots with it. You must make optimal use of your drones to ensure that you take the highest quality videos. You need to prepare your camera gear, as well as drone before you begin to use it. You know how long it would take you to produce high-quality images and you have to get your drones ready for that before you start the operations.

Most importantly, before you start that aerial videoing, you must update your insurance coverage. You have to deal with the issue of licensing, as well as get the necessary permission before you move for the operation. Here are other important tips that can help you to take better aerial video images:



Look for location

If you want to take a quality image with your drones, then you have to look for the location ahead of time and familiarize yourself with the environment. If possible, you can give yourself a test shot to know how it would look like before you deploy your quadcopter for the final photography project. When you do a trial shot, it will give you an opportunity to spot the land, and it would equally help you to do away with those unflattering scenery that could degrade the video quality. It is not advisable to fly the drone in a new location for the first time. This is why it is recommended that you survey the area. This would afford you the opportunity orient yourself for the task, and this becomes necessary when you are paid for the aerial videoing job.

Pick your subject

When you want to engage in aerial videoing, it is necessary that you choose your subjects very well. When you have done this wisely, it is going to guide you to the other things that you do. It would enable you to frame your job and the best way that you are going to get it executed. This would help you in organizing the photography the best way it would send meaning to people. It helps you to define and to focus on what you want to achieve with that. The most important point that you have to note here is that you have to discover the point of interest and then focus on the point of interest to deliver a high-quality job.

Practice is important

Something was said about trial shots; you could even consider that test shots as a form of repetition. The more you rehearse, the more the outcomes become perfect. It would afford you the opportunity of bringing out a high a quality job. It would help you to develop a better approach to tackling the issue. There are chances that you may not have observed certain things. This would help you to spot them. When you rehearse for the job before you get into it, the chances are there that you are going to achieve a better photography at the end of the day.


Get ready for the job

One thing that you should know about this type of photography is that it is not opened to opportunism. This means that you have to plan for it and invest on it before you can achieve the required results. Because of this, you must be ready for it by preparing for it. This also implies that you do not leave anything to chance. You have to work on those things that you can control on your own and plan for those that you do not have the power to control and that is why the issue of weather was raised earlier. If you think that weather is going to become an obstacle for you to get high-quality videos, then you have to prepare in advance for that. This means that you must explore ways of dealing with those obstacles that you are going to encounter in the process. There are certain things that you must do on your own, and they include something like charging the battery ahead of the operation, ensuring that the camera is correctly set for the type of activity that you want to do with it. In the same way, you have to set the focus and get your cards formatted, and every other thing that you need must be provided.

When you are set, then you would be ready to lock at the most appropriate times. You should be ready and wait. While you are ready and waiting, you must ensure that nothing is going to take you unawares.


Ensure that it is simple and smooth

Anytime you are ready for the operation, ensure that it is simple and smooth. When the drone is airborne for action, the pilot must make sure that everything is harmonious and straightforward and the best way to do is left for the pilot. The pilot must ensure that the operation is simple such the drone should not be shaken while taken the images. This would help the video watchers, and it would show that the pictures are taken by professionals.


The best height

Drones are meant to fly high to get quality images. The pilot has to determine the right height to operate to obtain excellent images. This depends on the type of drone you use and the type of camera you use for the operation. You have to consider this before you begin with this kind of service. There are different quadcopter drones that can be utilized for this type of activity, and the most advanced drones do not need to fly that high before they get the best quality images. It means that flying too high does not mean that you are going to get the finest quality images. The most important thing is to get your altitude wisely.

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